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Latest Art:

"Gaia's Chldren"
(Sculpted paintings of Nature)

"Waders, Walkers & Wondrous"
(Painted and sculpted birds)

Previous Art Series:

"Access: Greek Isles"

"Progressions: Food"


"The Gathering" (Gaia's Children series)

"The Gathering" is sculpted and painted from paper clay, styrene, acrylic paint on a birch panel. Size: Appx. 9" x 12"


And so it begins...

The image of "The Gathering" on the left of the screen represents the first completed piece of 2017! Two more are coming soon... be sure to check back. R. Atencio

 Ahhh... words of Praise

"I fell in love R. Atencio's art the moment I saw it.. the sort of abstract but yet realistic views of the world."

V. Blitsch, Colorado


"I have purchased quite a few art pieces from R. Atencio, in the past few years. The originality, uniqueness, eye for detail an creativeness... I always look forward to new works."

K. Segale, Oregon


"The colours are beautiful and I just want to reach out and touch them."

Jackie B., Greece







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