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Latest Art:

"Gaia's Chldren"
(Sculpted paintings of Nature)

"Waders, Walkers & Wondrous"
(Painted and sculpted birds)

Previous Art Series:

"Access: Greek Isles"

"Progressions: Food"


Latest Piece in New Series: "Gaia's Children"

The title is "AT THE POND" (Sculpted Art)

These little pond turtles were sunning themselves and I oouldn't help but want to sculpt them and the log they were on. (click here for enlargement)


Show's Up!

"Access: Greek Isles" is on exhibit from Sept 1 - Oct 31, 2016 at
Cafe' Soriah, 384 W. 13th St., Eugene

 Ahhh... words of Praise

"I fell in love R. Atencio's art the moment I saw it.. the sort of abstract but yet realistic views of the world."

V. Blitsch, Colorado


"I have purchased quite a few art pieces from R. Atencio, in the past few years. The originality, uniqueness, eye for detail an creativeness... I always look forward to new works."

K. Segale, Oregon


"The colours are beautiful and I just want to reach out and touch them."

Jackie B., Greece







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